Good Reading – In Criticism of Praise

February 20, 2015

The movie Buck opens with a priceless scene, where Buck Brannaman is using a DustBuster to vacuum his mobile home trailer.  He looks up and explains that he was listening to Oprah one day when she said that a man doing housework was an aphrodisiac for women.  He then remarks, “You never know where you might pick up some useful information.”

This month’s award for useful information in the darndest places goes to Southwest Airlines.  The cover article for the January issue of SWA’s inflight magazine is entitled In Criticism of Praise, by Heidi Stevens.   Heidi gets it.  We are ruining a generation of children with gratuitous praise that has exactly the opposite effect of what well-meaning parents intend.

You can find the article here:

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Hats off to Mariposa board member Susan Townsend, Ph.D., for spotting this article and sharing it with us!