I am a
  • camp director
  • guidance counselor
  • parent
  • school lead
  • school psychologist
  • social worker
  • teacher/educator
looking for
  • training
  • training
  • training
  • training
  • a training program
  • a helpful workshop
  • one-on-one coaching
  • a way to creative a more positive school environment
  • training for parents
  • training for my staff
that will change the course of a child's life.

Mariposa Testimonials

My biggest insight? Learning that I don’t have to be perfect!

I liked the way the program created a sense of community among us as parents – getting to know one another.

This program gives you a time to focus on your most painful moments as parents, and how to apply new skills to solve them.

Just stating facts and/or saying nothing is more effective than justifications and explanations. (Note: I have found this works at work with adults as well!)

The information, skills, and materials were fantastic. I am so glad that I took this course and feel that it has re-shaped the way I interact with my kids in a very positive way. I really like that it is research-based.

The classes are very helpful. [The course] brought me closer to my child. My child now feels that he is being understood. The classes not only enriched us with a lot of knowledge about how to develop a social-emotional intellectual child, but also made us practice the skills…in different situations.

I was very skeptical about this class before we got started, but I can say now that it has really helped me in the way that I communicate with my students. What we have learned has forced me to think more about the way that I interact with my challenging students, and I think the skills will change the way I deal with my class next year, starting from day one.

I’ve become better able to build relationships and deal with difficult behaviors by thinking about things from the child’s perspective – and showing that I care what he/she is feeling.

I feel like I have become better at remaining emotionally constant and listening to students rather than coming up with quick solutions or dismissing their problems. I am a better listener and better at making reflection statements and expressing personal messages.

I found that a shift from focusing on the negative behaviors and concentrating on JUST ONE POSITIVE in a child is enough ammunition to disarm the negative behaviors even if it is temporary… Building a more positive relationship through empathy helped me to develop a more bonding & binding relationship with my student.

I have watched a tremendous change in my student. He went from irritated and aggressive to knowing how to deal with his feelings emotionally to maximize his education. I have developed a very good relationship with him. He has learned that he can trust me.