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You're not alone! In our work with parents, they often come to us when they feel stuck and unable to help their children. We can help.


Zoom Consultation
with Dr. Anne Townsend and/or Jenny Barrett

Share specific challenges that you are experiencing. We'll talk through the challenge and frame it in a way that can lead to a new approach. When a parent feels stuck, it's likely that a common approach is not working and therefore it may be based in a misunderstanding.

For example: When an adult feels a child is working to get attention, and is breaking something or banging on something in the house, one resulting consequence may be to ignore the child or issue a punishment. However, that parent may find that the behavior repeats or even intensifies. When we talk through this, we can help pull out some of the signs of stress in a child and what that looks like in behaviors, what core needs the child might truly be trying to meet, and what skills the child does not yet have to meet them, giving a new perspective and a way to solve the problem in a more sustainable way. In that process, the adult can build a stronger connection. 

What is included:

  • One hour consultation via Zoom as scheduled with parent and coach
  • Coach will review any emails, school notes, or video that the parent may want to send to give more information either before or after meeting.
  • A follow up email reviewing some of the ideas discussed, words and strategies that may be helpful,  as well as any resources that may be applicable.

In Home Coaching
with Dr. Anne Townsend and/or Jenny Barrett

In some cases, you may benefit from a coach coming into the home to both see the interactions between parent and child or between siblings and to offer coaching. We can model interactions that are discussed to make the skills taught more salient.

For example, a parent may have taken the course and understands the ideas of empathy and personal messages to understand one another. However, in practice with multiple children, it is hard. When a coach comes in to be with your children, they can model the approach. Seeing in action how it's worded, and how the children respond, often brings to life concepts and ideas that can help the parent to use the tools and be more successful.

What is included: 

  • A conversation prior to the home visit by phone or zoom or in the home if the children are otherwise supervised and not in the room.
  • A full hour of interaction in the home with modeling or coaching.
  • An option to record.
  • A follow up email and discussion to debrief, so that the parent can talk through what happened, share any questions or concerns and receive feedback from the coach, as well.

Zoom Consultation


1 hour consultation via Zoom 

Pre or Post meeting review of supporting information (school notes, email, video.)

Email follow up includes recommended language, strategies, and any additional resources.

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In-home Coaching


Pre visit conversation via phone or zoom (or in the home if the children are otherwise supervised and not in the room.)

1 hour of interaction in the home, with modeling or coaching.

An option to record.

A follow up email, and discussion, to debrief with parents:

  • Recap and discuss what happened, answer questions, address concerns, and offer parent feedback.
  • Email follow up includes recommended language, strategies, and any additional resources. 
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