Thrive! Creating Connection, Collaboration and Control with Children

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Welcome from Anne and Jenny.

We are so excited to offer this self study to parents! 

We know that stress is high.

We are offering the support, tools and resources that will make both an immediate and lasting difference.

In just 8 modules, you'll learn to grow social-emotional resilience in your children. The course covers in-depth the Mariposa 5 skills to help you create the home culture you want.

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This program teaches parents and caregivers the five skills at the heart of the Mariposa method

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This fully online self study course helps you create core connections, collaboration and control in your home, through a series of 8 self paced modules. Each module contains approximately 40 minutes of content, video and practice exercises, broken down into 5-15 minute chunks to fit your busy life. You will have access to the course for 6 months from the time of registration, so you can work at your own pace.

What will you learn?
We will teach you key skills to build the types of connections that all children need with adults. It is through these relationships and the way adults respond to kids that social-emotional skills are developed….or more simply: how we respond to children can greatly impact their ability to cope, even in the face of stress and adversity.

First, we show you some of the brain science, development, and research around why challenging behaviors exist: why some things we do help and other times don’t; why even our best efforts can sometimes fall short, or even make things worse. For example, did you know that your beliefs about emotions are a better predictor of a child’s academic achievement than the child’s actual IQ score? Understanding things differently can create change right away.

Core Connections
Building upon this understanding, you will learn ways to communicate that will help your children feel understood, lower stress, and build the connection needed for change …you will learn 2 specific skills for creating the kind of relationships that we all want with children and each other, relationships that are grounded in trust and mutual respect, that transfer to other interactions. Most teachers and parents are very surprised by the shifts with children, especially ones with whom there are lots of power struggles, once they learn our approach.

Once you have the skills and words you need to understand and be understood, you will learn the process by which you can not only get your own needs met as a teacher or parent, but help children get their needs met in constructive ways. Through this, you will be able walk kids through the process, so that they can start to reach their own goals, solve their own problems and gain the executive functioning skills that will transfer to lifelong learning.

And finally, we give you the words you need to increase positive behaviors in a way that makes it more likely that your children will persevere when they are challenged. There are subtle changes in the way you reinforce kids that can make a big difference! Conversely, you need ways to reduce challenging behaviors and get control quickly. There are guidelines for how to do this that will not only increase your effectiveness, but result in more self control in children... without breaking down the relationships, or the trust.

"It's not uncommon for our toddler to now say, 'Can we talk about it?'"

- Baltimore Parent

"Practical and actionable, not preachy. A realistic approach."

Baltimore Parent

"Empathy works. People (children and adults) want to be noticed and heard."

DC Parent

"The impact of going through this structured class week by week was tremendous, not only on how I communicated but also in how my children responded!"


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Thrive! Creating Connection, Collaboration and Control With Children



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Our Team

Our passionate instructors and staff provide expert facilitation and support.

Anne Townsend, Ph.D.

I’m a social-emotional scientist and for more than 2 decades I’ve been researching how children of all ages develop the social-emotional skills they need to be successful in school and in life. I founded Mariposa with a mission to change the lives of children through our proprietary method. Mariposa is an official partner with Loyola University where I have developed and taught a graduate level course on promoting social-emotional learning as well as an advanced course specifically focused on the role of stress and trauma in a child’s ability to learn, form relationships and behave appropriately.

Jenny Barrett, M.Ed.

As an early childhood educator for 30 years, a special educator, an administrator and parent, I have found this method the single most impactful in all of the training I have had. I was first able to bring this into a school community as an administrator. Seeing the culture that we have been able to create at one Baltimore city preschool, has been transformational. And through Mariposa,I am committed to bringing this approach to as many educators and parents as possible. Because I see the impact of it. And through facilitator training with The National SEED project, (Seeking Equity and Educational diversity,) I've seen the overlap and importance of this work , as well as how the Mariposa method supports culturally responsive teaching.


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