Fostering Strong Teacher-Parent Communication Through the Science of SEL


This 4-module course helps educators communicate with caregivers and parents around challenges. Teachers will learn specific components needed to lower stress, feel understood, and build collaborative relationships. They will walk away with a formula for an effective email around challenging behaviors, sample emails, feedback on their communication and the language that is needed to lower defenses and create change.

Administrators, parents and teachers use up alot of time and emotional resources trying to repair misunderstandings, and get “on the same page” to help a child.

In this course:

We first look at some of the barriers to effective communication and collaboration between parents and teachers, specifically stress. We look at some common communication and how it often inadvertently flares the stress response. By understanding our own stress, the stress of the parent and how it can impede our ability to connect, we can begin to change the narrative. 

Based on the science of social emotional competency, we know that there are specific skills that create relationships and interactions that are more likely to lead to understanding and collaboration. We will share how to:

  • Describe the challenging behavior or situation in a way that reduces defensiveness.
  • Share understanding of the parent’s perspective in a way that can reduce stress 
  • Share your own perspective so that you are understood
  • Offer clarity so that the parent is more likely to follow through. 

In addition, we will offer some do’s and don’ts in communication, which are known to reduce stress and create collaboration.

Participants will leave with a template for successful emails and other communications, as well as samples and feedback on their own drafts.

What's Included:

  • Short mini lessons to watch on your own time
  • Templates 
  • Live sessions to practice and discuss skills
  • Feedback on your own emails

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Your Instructors

Anne Townsend, Ph.D.

Dr. Anne Townsend, is a thought leader and has years of research and experience in social emotional learning – what gets in the way and how to create change. She is able to assess and apply her research and experience to unique challenges with an understanding of the ecosystem around a child and the science behind social emotional learning, stress and the brain.

Jenny Barrett, M.Ed.

Jenny Barrett, M.Ed. has been working with Mariposa for 14 years supporting teachers, parents and children as they manage crisis and shift the patterns that are not working. With her degree and background in Special Ed., years as an early childhood administrator, and experience in schools and homes throughout the region, she is able to step in, collaborate and mentor to help teachers and parents. 


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