Defusing Classroom Power Struggles: The Balance Between Compassion and Control

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Instructors: Jenny Barrett and Dr. Anne Townsend
What You’ll Learn:
  • How to decrease power struggles  in your classroom with the Mariposa Method
  • The skills and competence to understand and communicate with children during classroom power struggles
  • The science behind power struggles and what you can do to prevent them before they happen
This Course Includes:
  • One hour of on-demand virtual lessons
  • One hour of interactive coaching with instructors  to discuss real-life scenarios
  • Several downloadable resources
  • Interactive online exercises to reinforce learning
  • Certificate of completion
  • Access to Mariposa’s online alumni community
What Makes this Course Different:
  • This course is based on the Mariposa Method, a science-backed, modern and practical approach to social-emotional learning.
  • Content includes real-life classroom scenarios that your peers have experienced, based on Jenny Barrett’s nearly three decade career working with challenging behavior in Baltimore City schools, pre and post COVID-19.
  • Everything covered is relevant and up-to-date as of January 2024, and is constantly being updated with new material.
  • The Mariposa Method truly works. It is not a quick fix, a series of tactics, or a way to check off the box for required training. It is a practice based on decades of research - see for yourself.
Recommended For:
  • Teachers, educators and caregivers for children under age 8
  • Early career and life-long educators alike
Course Content:

Topic 1: The “Why” Behind Classroom Power Struggles

Topic 2: The Role of Stress in Power Struggles

Topic 3: Social Emotional Learning To Reduce Classroom Power Struggles

Topic 4: Introduction to the Mariposa Method To Decrease and Prevent Classroom Power Struggles

Topic 5: Introduction to Using Neutral Descriptions To Decrease Stress

Topic 6: The Role of Empathy in Power Struggles

Topic 7: Using Strategic Discipline to End Classroom Power Struggles

  • A working computer with internet
  • An open mind

In this virtual course, learn a more effective way to avoid and diffuse classroom power struggles.

Gain insights into why traditional strategies like providing choices, removing the student from class, or distracting them are often not enough, and the science behind the most common power struggle scenarios.

Most crucially, understand your pivotal role as a teacher in power struggles, and how you can not only regain control, but strengthen relationships with your students.

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With typical teacher training courses, you often have to sacrifice learning hands-on techniques that will be useful in your everyday teaching practice, in favor of beginner friendly introductions to the foundations of classroom management.  With this course, you get the best of both worlds.  

This is an online course designed for teachers that are new to the teaching field, as well as experienced teachers that have already taken many SEL courses before and consider themselves experts in handling power struggles.


This training helped find the 'sweet spot' of staying in charge of the classroom and staying connected & attuned to the children. I took away small shifts in my approach that have big impacts - for me and the children."

-Mariposa teacher testimonial