Parenting Courses: Where to Start?

When you think “parenting class”, that is pretty broad. And while some parents cannot get enough of books and classes on how to be a better parent, others are overwhelmed and skeptical. The broad term of “parenting class” can cover everything from childproofing your home to nutrition to  helping your children understand money. And we all learn that while these classes are helpful, you also need to adjust to your own child, family values, and what you can do. We do need guidance because we are not born with parenting abilities, and even if you had great models in your parents, the world keeps changing. I know that I have always leaned into any article on managing screens and video games. I had no history to lean on because we did not have the constant access to TV and media, so my parents never had to manage that. 

So, how do you know when to take a class, will it actually be helpful, and after all what about our parental instincts? Sometimes advice...

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